Monday, September 28, 2009

The Writer Unplugged

Being completely unplugged from electronics does something for a writer - it makes them go into panic mode - LOL. Seriously, it allows a writer to go old school (pen and paper) or allows the mind to unwind.

Here it is, the first weekend in Fall in Southern California and we are in the middle of a heat wave (102˚ in El Cajon, California) and 95% of our power goes out (only the kitchen power is still functioning - which is good for the refrigerator). Thankfully, I had just saved what I was doing, so there was no major loss. The heat made its presence known, even with the fans going (extension cords running from kitchen to living room), Muse was not happy and refused to do anything - she wanted to play. Muse grew bored with reading and playing hand-held video games. She wandered around, bouncing off the corners of my mind. I had to get her to settle down.

A few days prior, I was waiting to go to an afternoon doctor’s appointment so my mother and I decided to explore the local hobby store. A few isles in and my mother sees “stained glass” coloring books (coloring pages printed on vellum so the design is visible on both sides) and finds one of dragons and wizards - she buys it for me.

The coloring book sits on my desk waiting to be used for a few days. The heat hits and it seems like a good time to try our hand (Muse and me) at it. After a few moments, something wonderful happened - Muse settled down and Artist that had been in storage comes out to play and is loving every moment.

Muse is free to do what she wants. Ideas to problems start falling into place and new ideas begin to show up. Everything is written down in odd cryptic notes (she can read them later). Artist continues to work on the picture until it is finished.

I wake up the following morning, it is cool out -YEAH - and Artist puts the finishing touched on the work and bids a good day. Muse is happy and is ready to explore the notes and get them in order.

Moral of this little tale - get thee to a hobby store and get a coloring book that you like. Let your Artist out to play and you will be surprised how your Muse will calm down and start putting missing pieces together and bring back the joy, love and passion of writing.

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